Media Reviews & Comments

In 2013, The Thetford Players joined the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA), the official body that supports amateur theatre groups in the UK. Below are links to each of the NODA reviews that the Thetford Players have received.

The Sleeping Beauty - January 2014

The NODA review can be viewed here


‘From start to finish the whole production was highly entertaining and professional.  It was a pleasure to watch. The programme was also extremely professional ….. it is so pleasing to see so many individuals and businesses sponsoring the Thetford Players’
Thetford & Brandon Times, Councillor Derek Mortimer (Former Mayor of Thetford)

‘My personal congratulations go to you all and I mean every-one , including every-one  who is not seen……’
Personal correspondence from Susan Glossop (Former Thetford Town Manager)

‘It is fantastic that the Players have built up such a reputation in so short space of time. A panto written by society members is almost unique …. from the moment that the delightful Fairy Godmother set the scene (Full marks for asking for a prompt in rhyme) to a cartwheeling Dandini in the Finale. The story unfolded with a perfect mix of comedy & song. Dandini gave the most original and wonderfully entertaining interpretation of the part I have ever seen. Nothing works without a competent backstage team and this very slick production showed that they had worked very hard indeed. I am so pleased to be president of such a talented Society. I think you have established yourselves as a Thetford "must see" & can look forward to many many productions in the future. Two Full Houses Today. Fantastic!!’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Keith Eldred (Thetford Players President)

'Wow! - How amazing! …. incredibly entertaining theatre experience for the whole community and am so delighted for you all. Hard work and commitment has clearly paid off.- a Fantastic well done!. Brilliant!’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Ian Gower (Producer & writer of “Dad’s Army Comes Home” stage production)

‘I went to see the Thetford Players “Showtime” ….. it was brilliant! I was bowled over by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the whole cast. I had no idea there were so many excellent singers and dancers in Thetford …. I’m looking forward to future performances’.
Thetford & Brandon Times, Kim Reeves

‘Congratulations Thetford Players! 1st Thetford Brownies had such an exciting evening, the girls were literally on the edge of their seats! A fab performance and so much talent!!’
Personal correspondence, Steph Burrows (1st Thetford Brownies group)

‘I wish that you could have heard some of the wonderful comments being made as people left the show. Well done to everyone ….’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Rodney David Tregale (Front of House)

‘Well done everyone! I laughed, I cried, I was traumatically assaulted by a Chewit.
It just kept on giving’.

Thetford Players Facebook comment from Thomush Baramuwhosiwotzit 

‘As the newest members (I think) to Thetford Players my children were welcomed into well a very large family and have enjoyed their time with you all for which I thank you all’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Victoria McNamara

‘We had a fantastic afternoon at the pantomime, thank you to the Thetford Players for inviting us and making us so welcome.  Well done to you all, your hard work paid off, it was a wonderful performance!’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Deborah Alford

‘Great show everyone, I laughed my head off.... Well done can't wait for the next one’!
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Maria Schepers Heritage

‘You should all be very proud! Brilliant evening performance tonight! Lovely to come and support something great in Thetford! My girls loved it!... More please? :)’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Nadine Forde

‘I took my 5 year old daughter last night and we both had a great time - it was brill for an amateur dramatics production, a bit for everyone! I will definitely support any other pantos you do’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Alison Louise Milldown

‘Panto rocked! Just brilliant. Well done all of you’
Thetford Players Facebook wall, comment from Scott Gay